As we celebrate some of our favorite memories all weekend, we want to help you and your family make new ones! Sure, we’ll have vendors and special guests, but we want to provide our attendees with fun and memorable experiences you can’t get anywhere else!

Our full schedule and special guest announcements will be available closer to the event, but here’s a list of some fun things you can expect:

Console Corner

Explore the origins and different iterations of home video game consoles through the years with hands-on free play on some of the most popular (and most obscure) systems of all time! From Intellivision and Atari to the Turbografx 16 and beyond, enjoy our pixel paradise!

Level-Up: The Game Show

Ever wondered what it would be like to sit in a live studio audience for a cheesy retro game show? Wonder no more! With our live game show, contestants battle for prizes and bragging rights with interactive trivia hosted by Kip Kurry!

Hands-On Free Play Artifacts

While some of these classic toys deserve a spot in a museum, we believe they were made to be played with and explored. Whether you want to flashback to your childhood or expose your kids to some vintage fun, there’s a chance to play with dozens of classic toys like Rock-em Sock-em Robots, Lite-Brite, and more!

Retro-Themed Escape Room*

Escape from the ’80s in our exclusive, custom-designed escape room. Complete with authentic artifacts and period-specific clues, attendees will have an opportunity to step back in time, but will you be able to make it back to the present?

Video Vortex

From Saturday morning cartoons to late-night movie madness, our screening room will showcase some of the most beloved and most obscure retro videos you can imagine all weekend long! Our resident film aficionado has even curated some rare gems that were only released on VHS that will fill you with delight.

Late-Night Karaoke

Wayback Weekend doesn’t shut down after the vendor hall closes. Keep the party going with live karaoke. Want to belt some Bon Jovi or shout like Steve Perry? We’ve got you covered.

Retro Roulette

Are you a board game master? Sign up to compete in the ultimate retro board game challenge as you and your fellow competitors are subjected to some of the cheesiest vintage board games ever made-all at random! From Family Ties to Murder She Wrote, winners of each round will advance to battle for the ultimate prize!

We’ll announce more fun events leading up to the show! Be sure to follow us on social media for the latest additions!


*Additional Fee Applies